Dan-Dan Mian Sauce

I recently found at Ranch 99 that they sell a Dan-Dan Mien Sauce in a glass jar. There’s “regular hot” and “very hot” versions. I tried the “very hot” variety and it was pretty spicy and tasted pretty good. I don’t know how authentic it is, but it was good. If I remember correctly, the sauce for this should be thicker rather than soup-ier. There’s also no peanut traces.

I belive the brand was “Amoy” or something like that. You may want to give it a try.

The noodles I also got from Ranch 99. It’s in the fresh noodles section (near the tofus). The brand is called An1 Tai4 Mien4 Chang3 (An Tai Noodle Factory) It comes in a clear plastic bag, with about 6 servers per bag. BUT the specific kind I got also has a white sticker with blue lettering specifying its type as “Nan2 To2 Yi4 Mien4”. It is a little wider than linguini.

I couldn’t find this at the Milpitas store (they have only the regular type), but I got mine at the Cupertino store. So apparently not all the Ranch 99’s carry this.

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