Good Times Cafe, Milpitas

Good Times Cafe –

It used to be pretty good, and had one of the best “Pai Goo Fan” – Fried Pork Chop with Rice in the area. However, on my last visit a few weeks ago, both my friend and I noticed the changes in all the people working the front. Then when the food came, it confirmed the worst – that the back has changed as well. The Pai Goo Fan is no longer great but very mediocre at best. The other dish my friend tried also was not up to par.

I would avoid this place.

On a side note, the restaurant next door, which used to be a good Taiwanese porridge place, also had an owner change. And the 3rd restaurant next to that place, has ALSO changed. So within a period of a few months, all 3 restaurants in a row have changed ownership/chef. They’re all located in the same center as ABC Seafood.

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