Monthly Archive: August 2002

Darda’s Knife-Cut Noodles 0

Darda’s Knife-Cut Noodles

Darda is very famous for its knife-cut noodles. Their stir fried knife-cut chow mein is one of their top sellers. Their other soup noodles such as Neo Roe Mien (Beef Noodle) and Tsao Ma...

Mul Naeng Myon at Seoul Gom Tang 0

Mul Naeng Myon at Seoul Gom Tang

The yellow bean paste you mentioned should actually be mustard instead. That’s usually what accompanies the Mul Naeng Meun. As for cutting it with scissor, it’s also standard practice, since otherwise it may be...

Personal Ramen Ranking 0

Personal Ramen Ranking

Here’s my current, personal ranking of Ramen places in bay area: 1. Santa Ramen in San Mateo Most “authentic” Ramen in terms of its soup stock and noodles. More oily than usual and very...