Dim Sum Civil War Harbor Village

Actually Shu Mai was on the list (as Yimster mentioned in his post as “Sai Mai”). I really liked the Shu Mai. It is one of the dim sum dishes that I usually NEVER order, because most of the time it is too dense, too tough, and just too much pork. But the version here is acutally tender and had visible bits of shrimp so it’s not cooked too tough.

I also liked the Har Gaw better than most judges. To me the shrimp used in the filling was just the right size. We’ve tried some places where the shrimp was huge, but suffered because it became dry and overcooked. And the worst was Mayflowers in south bay where there was no real shrimp to be seen but shrimp paste! The horrors!

The lack of flavor that some people complained about could be because of the lack of pork fat that’s traditionally used. I count that as a plus since it’s healthier without it.

As for the duck, I agree with Yimster. I took points off for the limp skin, and the thick fat. I don’t expect there to be no fat since that is very diffcult and this is not Peking Duck. But the fat should be no more than twice as thick as the skin. In this case, it was about 5 times thicker. The meat itself was, however, very tender and juicy.

But all in all it is a good dim sum house and a worthy contender… we’ll see if it’ll survive through to the end.

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