Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (XLB)

Actually, we’ve all secretly taken on the crusade to find the best Xiao Long Bao, ever since Melanie posted about her so far unsuccessful hunt…

Din Tai Fung in Taipei will be hard to beat. However, since this is a Shanghai specialty, I’ve gone to 2 Shanghai style restaurants in the South Bay in recent weeks to try out their xlb.

The first one is “Ju Fong Yuan” (sorry don’t remember the English names) in Milpitas on Dixon Landing & Milpitas Blvd. The xlb came in 3(or 4) in an order. I thought was very good. The skin was pretty thin, but it didn’t break and held in the juices well. The filling was minced pork based and was juicy and soft, not tough. The juice itself also was not overly oily.

The second restaurant is “(Shanghai) Ding Sheng” in Milpitas in Ulferts Center (that’s just south of Milpitas Square and underneath the ABC restaurant we went for the Dim sum tastings. This restaurant is fairly new, maybe a month old max. When we went on Sunday noon at around 2:00pm the place was still full. Anyways, the xlb here comes 8 in an order, but in 2 separate steamers of 4 each. The skin was a little weaker than the Ju Fong Yuan’s version, and was ALMOST ready to break open. It also didn’t have any chewyness to it at all – too soft (or “Tai Lan” as I like to say) The filling was comparable to JFY, but had just a slight “shing” smell.

So I would give the edge to Ju Fong Yuan so far… Melanie you should come down here and give them both a try to see which one you like or don’t like. You probably have a more “accurate” and discriminating taste for xlb than I have.

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