ManTou vs. BaoZi

ManTou is a general term for Buns without any fillings. The Special Twisted Buns are a type of ManTou. It’s probably YinSeJuan. The “huge” one that I mentioned in the original post is also a type of ManTou.

BaoZi on the other hand is more like a giant dumpling – in the sense that it has a skin and has filling. But the similarity ends there. In Shandong and Northern China, BaoZi is meant to be a meal by itself, as well as ManTou.

I guess the only thing similar to it I can think of is the BBQ Buns that some of you may have tasted at the Dim Sum places. Basically that has the skin, and the filling (of BBQ pork) You can think of BBQ Buns as the Cantonese equivalent of BaoZi. However, the filling to skin ratio of BaoZi is more similar to XLTB than BBQ Buns. BBQ Buns, at least the ones I’ve tried, has very thick skin and little filling.

BaoZi will have a skin that is proportionally thicker than a dumpling due to its large size. But is more “airy” and lighter. The filling is similar to a XLTB filling, usually made with pork/vegi or beef/vegi, but without so much sauce. But it is juicy. From the outside, if you can imagine a XLTB that’s several times bigger, you have the basic shape of a BaoZi.

But a picture is worth a thousand word, and I’ve found one below. In it it shows the various shapes that BaoZi can take.

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