Fung Shang Cafe in San Mateo

Do you know if this is the restaurant that replaced the space occupied by Cindy’s Buffet in San Mateo downtown? Because that restaurant was owned by Chinese from Korea.

And since you mentioned Gan Pong Chicken – this is a signature Shandong-style dish found in Korean-Chinese restaurants. That’s why I’m suspecting maybe there’s a connection here.

Also for the Won Ton Noodle – you say the nooodle is handmade. This is very unusual if it is Cantonese style – since the noodle is usually the standard, thin, yellow “tang juang” noodle. If it’s handmade, is it thick?

And the Korean BBQ & kim chee even further distances itself from Cantonese/HK style restaurants.

Although I’ve yet to see Korean-Chinese restaurants having Linguine or grilled rib-eye dishes… strange indeed.

PS: did they serve you raw-onions as a side dish?

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