Golden Lake (Szechuan) in Union City

Following in Han Lukito’s footstep, we tried out Golden Lake in Union City.

Actually, we originally went there to have the Pho at Pho Pasteur, but at 8:45pm, they already put up their CLOSED sign (they close at 9pm).

For a minute we thought about going into Banyan Garden next door which was mentioned several days ago on the board, but it looked too formal and fancy, so we skipped it. And we were also not craving for “small eats” so we skipped China Tofu a few doors down as well. That left us with Golden Lake Szechuan restaurant, which closes at 10pm. And remembering Han Lukito’s good experience, we decided to give it a try. (As you can see, this is a shopping mall with lots of choices)

Seeing there were only two of us, we ordered only 3 items. First the Dan Dan Noodle (for Melanie): This is NOT the same as the one you found at House of Yu Rong (now burned down). It has little bits of ground pork, but no red sauce, and not spicy at all. It also didn’t have any sessame or peanut paste as some other versions. However, it still tasted pretty good in its own right, and the noolde had good firmness. I would order it again, and it’s only $4.95 which comes in a big bowl.

The next item was Fu Chi Fei Pien, sliced beef and tripe in spicy red oil sauce. This was very good. The slices were very thin and provided good texture and light-spicy flavor.

The entree we orderd was Water Boild Beef. This version had lots of dried hot pepper flakes and galic bits on top of a red oil based sauce, covering slices of tender beef over a bed of lettuce, served in a bowl.

The beef is not as tender as the version I’ve had at the original House of Yu Rong. However, the taste was very good. It was surprisingly not very spicy, but rather very numbing. So we start to feel numbness on our tongue but the rest of the mouth is not burned by hot spice. (Or maybe it did but we just can’t feel it!?) I did notice it was a little salty toward the end.

Overall this place seemed very good. I would rank it higher than the Szechuan Home which is across the parking lot. (even though Szechuan Home is a chain of House of Yu Rong, it is not as good)

This post was recovered from backup and originally appeared in 2003. This restaurant has since closed and replaced by another.

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