Dim Sum at Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae

As a member of the South team, I too was surprised by the good showing of HKFL. However, I saw some strange contrasts in the dim sums…

Regarding the Pan Fried Chives Dumpling – I thought that there was not enough chives to warrant calling it a chives dumpling. It had the least chives of any other version I’ve tried. But I do agree that the skin was cooked to perfection, better than any other version that I’ve tried.

Contrast this with the Har Gao – The filling was excellent, however, the skin was too tender and falling apart. It should have good resiliency to hold in the filling without being thick or tough.

Both the chicken feet and the ribs can be made more tender – but I felt they were a little bland on the flavor. Possibly caused by not being steamed long enough.

The fried items also were strange:

The pan-fried items, Turnip Cake and Noodle Roll (and Chives dumpling skin) were all excellent. But the deep-fried items Taro Dumpling and Tofu Skin dumpling I thought were both a little on the greasy side. Obvious two different cooks at work here.

But as Ruth said, some of these are just nit-picking to find something wrong. Overall it was a pretty good showing for a North team. 😉 And I was especially surprised by the value. I was expecting something around the $25-$30 range, so when I found out it was only $20, both I and my wallet were very pleased.

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