Hong Kong Buffet + Mongolian BBQ = Chinese Indian Smorgasboard

After visiting the Fremont Farmer’s Market, we decided to check out the adjacent shopping mall. Anchored by Kragen’s auto, this mall featured a variety of ethnic stores such as a All You Can Eat Mexican restaurant, Indian grocery store, an Afghan(?) Kabob restaurant, and an Indian sweets store selling many different types of Indian sweets, being handmade on the spot. I don’t know the names of these but if you’ve eaten those things with thin layer of silver on top, that’s the one.

Buried deep inside the mall, we stumbled upon a Chinese sign saying “Hong Kong Buffet”. Upon checking it out closer, we noticed that front door said “Chinese Smorgasboard Mongolian BBQ” and inside there was the huge round circular grill. We decided to try it seeing the cheap ~$6 price per person.

The buffet section had lots of different dishes, mostly chicken based. Among the good ones were Honey Walnut not shrimp, but Chicken, which was surprisingly tender. The only pork dish – grilled thin pork chop was also more tender than I would expect. One of the interesting item was a tin-foil wrapped triangle shaped thing – which turned out to be teriyaki flavored chicken inside. I’ve never seen such a presentation. Not sure if it’s Japanese style or Hong Kong style (maybe Mongolian teriyaki? 🙂

The rest of the standard Kung Pao, Sweet & Sour, etc. Chicken dishes did not look too good and I didn’t try it. I was also surprised to find Egg Foo Young also, though it also didn’t look too appetizing. There was also a fried chicken drumstick dish – although the drumsticks were huge, and I couldn’t decide whether it was chicken or turkey, even after tasting it.

Now onto the Mongolian BBQ – The choice of meats were Beef, Chicken, and Pork. Several different types of veggies were available as well along with the usual sauce mixture. I chose the Beef and noodle. It was cooked with the super long chopsticks and I must say the flavor was pretty good (since I chose the sauces :). But the beef was not top quality but it was edible.

So this place definitely is worth checking out at least once based on the: decent selection, the combination of AYCE AND Mongolian BBQ, plus the cheap price… The place is quite spacious and clean as well.

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