Joy in Foster City

The pot stickers there are the best in the area – and comparable to those found in Taiwan.

I also enjoyed their Shao Bing with sliced beef. It’s crusty and flaky and is a breakfast favorite in Taiwan. Their Yio Tiao is also good to have, especially dipped in the Soy Bean milk.

Last time i was there, I also enjoyed their pork blood soup .

One thing I like from them is their pot stickers. It is the style closest to the ones you’ll find in Taiwan, in Bay Area.

The beef soup noodle (NiuRouMian) with home made knife-cut noodles is also quite popular.

The stinky tofu (fried version) is great. But I also know they have the spicy “soup” version (Ma La stinky tofu), which sometimes can be even smellier (if that’s possible). This dish is super popular in recent years in Taiwan. Although I have not tried Joy’s version. Let us know if you try it.

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