Gan Pong Chicken

Well, to tell you the truth I can’t remember since it’s been awhile since I ordered them. My #1 choice at those restaurants are the noodle dishes, and then for the entrees it’s the La Jiao Rou (Chili Pepper Pork), and then after that is the Gan Pong Chicken. So unless I’m with lots of people, I don’t get to eat that as often.

Still, the best version I’ve had in the US was at the Nan Garden Restaurant in Skokie (suburb of Chicago)

That said, I’ve been to both Tong Soon and China Way many times and they’re both very good all-around. Also, look for my post on Palace Chef in Fremont, it may be closer for you. Also, I remember someone posting about Happy Family in Oakland on Telegraph, which may also be closer for you. All these places are Korean-Chinese and will have the dish. Now it’s up to you to find out which one’s the best and let us know!

Chef Wang’s is a Korean-Chinese place. I talked to the owner once, but he wasn’t too friendly, although his wife was very friendly. I believe the owner is one of the son of the original “chef Wang”. I was there for a party hosted by someone else, and they did not order any Korean-Chinese dishes. So I couldn’t find out how good that part of their menu is. Although from rest of the food and the chow mian noodles, I would not be eager to go back.

The Wang’s menu seems very strange, with Gan Pong Chicken, but also Hong Kong style Chow Mian… not sure how authentic it’ll be. Although since they kept that dish in the menu, maybe they’re still confident in it.

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