Banana City Cafe in Fremont

I went to Banana City Cafe on Walnut in Fremont the other night. It seems to be “new” based on the fact when I asked the waitress, she said they’ve been open for about 6 months only. And I remember the Grand Opening sign from about that time.

Anyways, I first ordered the Beef and Chicken Satay combo. I was surprised at the tenderness of the Chicken satay. It was nicely grilled with good flavor. Although I was expecting a little more intense flavor. The beef was average.

I then had the Prawn Mee. This is a spicy shrimp noodle soup dish. This came in a bowl with several pieces of nice shrimps and noodles in a red hot soup. The noodle was not very chewy, but maybe that’s the way it should be since the only other time I’ve had this dish was at Penang Garden in Chicago. Flavor of the broth was very good – spicy but not burning, with hints of the fish sauce smell which may take a little getting used to. Overall it’s as good as I remembered the version at Penang Garden.

The menu looks extensive with Singapore and Malaysian dishes, as well as some Thai dishes. The waitress I spoke to says the owners are from Malaysia. The place was not very crowded on this weeknight but seems to be pretty busy during weekends when I passed by. Maybe others who are more expert in this cuisine can check it out and tell us what they think, Han. 🙂

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