Potstickers around Bay Area

The style of potstickers I like can be found at Joy in Foster City, a Taiwanese restaurant which serves the “Shanghai-style” potstickers, also known as “Zhong Hua Lu Guo Tie” named after a particular street in Taipei which had many restaurants specializing in this style of potstickers.

Recently I also tried the version at A&J’s in San Jose. Their version was also similar in that it was open-ended. And the skin had good chewiness, but the filling was slightly more dense (a little bit higher pork to veggie ratio). I still like Joy’s version better, but A&J’s is also quite good.

I have not tried the potstickers at San Tung in SF, but knowing that the owners are from Shandong, birthplace of dumplings and Chinese buns, I woulnt not doubt that they’re also good, though their version might be closer to the crescent shaped version than the open-ended version.

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  1. September 17, 2007

    […] the 70’s and early 80’s. It is now the de-facto style of pot sticker prized all over (at least proclaimed by me, and have been searching for in the US for the past 20 […]

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