Manna Korean, Newark

We went to Manna Korean restaurant the other night. We ordered the Yuk Ge Jang (spicy beef soup) and the Kimchi Ji Ge (Kimchi stew). We were first served a couple of complementary home made Bin De Duk (mungbean flour pancake) The outer layer was pan-fried to a crispy finish, but it’s still a little bit greasy inside. It was tasty with the accompanying soy sauce based dipping sauce.

Then we were served 10 panchans, from the standard kimchi, bean sprouts to seasweed wrapped egg pancake and the hard black beans (not sure what this is in English)

Then the main entrees came. The Yuk Gae Jang was good flavor-wise though not as spicy as I liked. It was filled with beef slices, bean sprouts, scallions and good amount of mung bean noodles. However, it also had more spanish onions than I’m used to seeing in this dish.

The Kimchi JiGae came in a large stone bowl and were pretty good, however, it also had lots of fatty bacon slices, more than what I’ve seen normally for this dish.

The food though not the best, were all good enough for a neighborhood family style place. And the best part is the price is very cheap compared to other Korean places… we were out the door for less than $20 total. They also server the usual Korean BBQ Bulgoki and Galbi, etc. as well as the Bibimbop and Soontofu dishes. They also have lunch buffet for around $7 or so, but have not tried it yet so not sure what it offers.

Manna is located west of 880/Stevenson in Newark, in the FoodMaxx center.

This post was recovered from backup and originally appeared in 2003. This restaurant has since closed and replaced by another.

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