Matsuno in Burlingame – good shabu2 place

Actually we usually have Shabu Shabu at home, you just have to make sure to get the good quality, very thinly sliced meat. Oftentimes you can find the better versions at Korean groceries (or Japanese groceries for a higher price)

But one other place which I’ve wondered about but haven’t been to is Ningji Ma-La in Newark, inside the new Lions Plaza mall (Lions yet to open) west of Newpark Mall. This is the same mall as the recent Woodlands chowdown. It is also home to Tea Station-a Taiwanese snack place, Tapioca Express, Vung Tau 3, Mr. Lee’s Tofu, etc – a good up and coming chow-mall. The new Lions Plaza will also have a Huong Lan Sandwich chain.

Anyways, back to Ningji – if it’s anywhere as good as the originals in Taiwan, it’ll be great. Their specialty is supposed to be the Ma La (numbing spicy) hot pot, but they also have half-half and non-spicy ones.

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