Cheap eats at Szechuan Home in Union City

We went to Szechwan Home in Union City the other night. The Chinese sign outside advertised a special deal of 3 entrees for $15.99. This sounded pretty good, and once inside we saw the menu of about 30 entrees which you can pick from to make up your 3 entrees. After comparing against the regular menu for their specialties, we ordered the Mapo Tofu (Sichuan specialty) with Fish, Yu Shan Pork, and Sauteed sliced Pork with Leek in Spicy sauce. All three are spicy dishes worthy of Sichuan origin, with Yu Shan having a taste of sweetness as well.

As part of the special deal, we were served first a big bowl of soup (of the day?) which had some Chinese veggie with bamboo shoots and mung bean noodles. It was a good home-style soup. A plate of Sichuan style Kimchi also came with the meal and was nicely sour and very spicy.

The entrees all came together in large plates. The Yu Shan Pork was julienned pork, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushroom, water chestnut etc. in a slightly spicy and sweet sauce. This was good but not great, though the pork was very nice and tender. The Mapo Tofu had a good bit of spicy red oily sauce with tofu rectangles and tender fish fillets. We thought that since both Mapo Tofu only and this dish were offered in the special price menu, that we would be lucky to see a couple of pieces of fish in this dish. But we were surprised that at least half the dish was fish. Very good deal.

The best dish of the three was the sauteed slice pork. The pork was again very tender and flavorful and the leek provided a good combination of flavor with the spicy pork.

The amount of food was huge, enough to feed at least three people – and all for only $15.99. I would definitely go there again and have the leftover for another two or three meals.

Szechwan Home is located in Union City at Alvarado/Nlies & Decoto Rd.

This post was recovered from backup and originally appeared in 2003. This restaurant has since closed and replaced by another.

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  1. April 12, 2008

    […] City location took over the former location of a a couple of failed restaurants. One of them being Szechuan Home (漁溶人家), a once popular and one of the earlier and best chain of Sichuan style restaurants […]

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