Raffles Cafe in Fremont

I also enjoyed the meal and the company of wonderful chowhounds.

The Char Kway was actually mistakenly ordered since the hostess mistook our Char Kwue Teow for Char Kway – but all the better since it was more well-received than Char Kwee Tiauw, and we wouldn’t of known it otherwise.

The crabs had good flavors, although the Chili crab wasn’t spicy at all. Is it supposed to be? The Hainanese chicken was very good – tender and juicy, I even ate the chicken breast piece.

I also wasn’t impressed with Laksa – after hearing so much about this dish, it turns out to be just another noodle soup dish. And for noodle soups there’re plenty of other types which I like better.

I think we’ve barely scratched the surface of this place. The menu is pretty extensive. Some items which didn’t make our final list which we can try next time are the Mee Goreng, Hokkinese Mee, Spicy fish head curry (Antony Bourdine tried this in Singapore on one of his shows), more Roti Prata, Popiah – which the hostess recommended but we didn’t get to try, and lots of other things on the menu.

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