Maru Ichi Ramen in Mountain View

I just went there for the first time last weekend. I must say I was not as impressed with the ramen. I tried the Tonkotsu ramen. Supposedly the menu mentioned that it has both pork and chicken. And when it came, it did seem like two slices of meat were chicken and pork. But unfortunately both meats were dry compared to Halu’s, Gen’s, and Ryowa’s.

The soup was mellower than I expected. Don’t remember if there’s a soy sauce version which I may try next time. I usually like deeper/darker flavored broth in my ramen as opposed to miso or whiter broth. It was definitely not as fatty as Halu.

The noodle was also disappointing. It almost seemed to be deliberately cooked for too short of a time to give it’s el-denteness, however, it still didn’t hold up well enough. I rank the noodle below Gen’s.

So overall I won’t be going there regularly. And if I lived in MV, I would probably split time for Ryowa/Maru at 60/40.

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