Tokyo Ramen Not Japanese

After hearing that Tokyo Ramen was open, I rushed over there for lunch today around 11:45 and already a line of 10 people was in front of me. After a 30 minute wait, I was able to get a seat.

First of all, this place may better be named Beijing Ramen instead of Tokyo Ramen, as there was an elderly chef in the open kitchen doing live hand-pulled noodles. This is exactly the Shandong style ramen found in Korean-Chinese style restaurants, not the Japenese style curly ramen.

The menu consisted of 6 styles of ramen: shoyu, miso, tonkatsu, red-roasted ribs, red-roasted beef, and spicy. Interestingly there are also a few varieties of steamed rice wrapped in leaves type dishes, but I didn’t bother looking closer at those.

I ordered the Tonkatsu and it had the toppings of corn, scallions, bean sprouts, spinach, sliced woodear mushrooms, and a half boiled egg, with sprinkles of white sessame. First bad sign is the huge, raw, thrown-in the bowl last minute American style spinach as opposed to the pre-prepared Asia style spinach. The egg was pretty bland unlike Gen and Maru Ichi.

The broth was light and watery, it did not taste rich nor oily. The flavor is closest to “Salt” flavored broth found in other ramen places such as Halu. “Salt” broth is the 3rd standard ramen broth after shoyu and miso.

The 3 slices of pork was pretty bland as well and although sliced thinner than the pork found in other ramen places, it was still tougher than all others.

The noodle, as expected, was exactly same as those found in ChaoMaMian and ZhaJiangMian dishes. It has very good chewiness and was probably the best part of the ramen.

Overall, the entire combination tasted “good”. If you’re expecting to find authentic Japanese or Tokyo style ramen, this is NOT the place to get it. But if you want to have a good bowl of noodles, then this place is good. I would go back and try the spicy version and the roasted meat versions just to see what those are like.

This restaurant has since closed and been replaced by another restaurant.

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