Ramen at Himawari, San Mateo

The place name is Himawari Ramen but the menu shows only 3 different types of Ramen, and the rest of the menu consisted of appetizers and other dishes which I didn’t look too closely at. The 3 ramen are the Soy, Miso, and Tonkotsu. I tried the Soy, and it came with a couple of slices of pork, bamboo shoots, scallion, and a couple of other things which I can’t recall now. The soup was pretty standard soy based ramen. There was no deep richness of flavor like the other top ramen houses. The noodle was also pretty lackluster and didn’t have enough springiness or curliness.

I would not visit again probably, especially since it is in Santa territory. If I was in San Mateo, I would go to Santa anyday.

One interesting discovery is that Oidon, which I didn’t think was a ramen house had a menu posted outside listing almost a dozen Ramen varieties which sounded more interesting than Himawari. Has anyone else tried the ramen at Oidon, I suspect it may be better than Himawari…

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