Bombay Garden Indian Buffet in Newark

It seems like this place has gone down hill a little bit. I went for the dinner buffet there and found that a lot of the dishes were not as good as before.

The chicken maharaja is in an orange, buttery curry and features boneless chicken pieces. However, the pieces were overcooked somehow and were tougher than before.

The lamb curry was also not very tender, with some pieces barely chewable.

The tandoori chicken was good, with good smoky flavor and were quite tender.

The fish fried pakora was good and had a good spicy kick, while the fried vegetable was just so-so.

The vegetable bryani (fried rice) was pretty standard.

I can’t really judge some of the other vegetable based dishes since I don’t eat them enough to know well, but they all tasted good.

The bread category was a little weak, however. Only fresh Naan was brought to table. But it was pretty thick and heavy compared to some of the better ones I’ve had. Also the deep fried bread (poories?) and the dosai were limp from sitting on the steam table too long.

I probably won’t be returning anytime soon. Will be trying the other Fremont area Indian buffets later to do some comparison.

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