Baozi around Bay Area

I think I know what you’re talking about. The “wang-man-du” from Wang-Man-Tou (King mantou) in Chinese is a steamed pork bun – or more commonly a type of Baozi. If the skin is fluffy, white, then it is Baozi.

BaoZi is another one of the main food items that Shandong and northern parts of China is famous for. (Shui Jiao – water dumpling, Man Tou – steamd buns(no filling), BaoZi – steamed buns with filling, and Mian – noodles) However, Baozi and Mantou are normally not a restaurant food so it’s harder to find than Shui Jiao and noodle dishes.

As another poster mentioned, Shan Dong restaurnt in Oakland Chinatown makes them but it was a “small” version that I tried.

The food court at Mission/Warm Springs Sogo also has a good version. It is slightly larger than Shan Dong’s but also good. Let me know if that’s the one you’re talking about. Since I may be mixing it up with another type which doesn’t have fluffy, white skin (which is even more rare)

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