Naengmyun and More at Sui “Homemade” Tofu

Sui Tofu Homemade Tofu takes over the location formerly occupied by BCD Tofu, a branch of the Soontofu restaurant chain from L.A. BCD Tofu was good but didn’t draw enough business in this competitive stretch of “Soontofu Row” on El Camino in Santa Clara.

Unlike the previous place, though this place also has Tofu in its name, it offers much more than just Soontofu dishes. Besides the regular Bulgogee and Galbi, Bibimbop and varous stews, it also offers other interesting tofu dishes such as Fried Tofu, Sweet & Sour Tofu, and Tofu Steak – pan fried tofu with meat and veggies on top. Recently, the menu has also been enhanced to include Naengmyun, the Korean cold buckwheat noodles.

Over a few visits, I tried both the standard Soontofu and the Naengmyun dishes. The regular soontofu is good in pretty good, and the homemade tofu made it better. But more interestingly are some of the special Tofu Stew, which uses tofu purees instead of regular silken tofu. They also serve a Pure Tofu Puree, which looks like a Cantonese seafood jook. But I haven’t had a chance to try these yet.

Another special thing about their Naengmyun is that they offer 4 different types of noodles, made of different type of wheat and even a type of Chinese medicine. I tried the spicy version of the last one, wihch was called ga-shi-oh-ga-pi naengmyun. The noodle was dark green color and tasted a little sweet. Unfortunately the the bowl had bibim sauce and lots of water mixed along with it so the taste was sort of watered down. And the sauce seemed a bit too sweet than other places.

Has anyone tried any of the other types of noodles or know what is different or special about them?

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