Tokushima Ramen Rises Again

I guess the wonderful chef at Do-Henkotsu has gotten his touch back. After the downhill alert of the ramen there, it has gotten way better on my last few visits.

The ramen soup has improved in its flavor where it is just the right balance of saltiness and flavor. You don’t get a sense of watered down nor feel overly salty. The noodle has been consistently chewy even without the mentioning of “hard” noodles to the waitress. I would say the combined bowl of ramen, along with the good char siu slices is in perfect harmony.

However, this place is more than just great ramen. I’ve noticed more and more people also trying the other dishes such as the stir-fried meat and vegetable dishes with rice, and the fried chicken kara-age with rice, as well as the fried rice plates.

On a recent visit I tried the ramen + small fried rice combination as well and was very satisfied. The fried rice here is expertly fried by the old masterful ramen chef himself. It has great taste and wok flavor due to the high heat of the wok and continous and complete stir-frying that infuses the flavor to every grain of rice, along with the diced scallions, carrots, onions, and peas. This is better than most of the “standard” Chinese fried rice that you’d get nowadays. And it truly shows the skill and dedication of the chef in preparing each dish that he offers from the menu.

Based on these recent experiences, I would move Do-Henkotsu up on my Personal Ramen Ranking up to the 3rd spot and moving Ryowa down to the 4th.

Personal ramen rankings:
1. Ramen Halu
2. Santa
3. Do-Henkotsu
4. Ryowa

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  1. August 15, 2008

    […] San Francisco, Santa and Ryowa ruled the ends of the Penninsula in San Mateo and Mountain View, and Tokushima Do-Henkotsu and Ringer Hut held their grounds in the south bay. The east bay was void of any ramen shop, let […]

  2. September 8, 2008

    […] I tried was the yasai miso (野菜納豆拉麵) ramen. This ramen is an ode to the chef/owner of Do-Henkotsu, the previous ramen shop at this location. Do-Henkotsu’s Yasai ramen was a very good ramen, […]

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