Taiwanese Shabu Shabu and Hot Pot Places

There’s a distinction in Taiwan between the Shabu Shabu Pot (Sua Sua Guo) which was popular a few years ago and the traditional Chinese Hot Pot (Huo Guo) which has further flavor varieties such as Mala (numbing spicy) Hot Pot, and Mongolian style Lamb Hot Pot (Suan Yang Guo), and the recently popular Medicinal Hot Pot (Yao Shan Guo).

For the Shabu Shabu version, probably Kingswood Teppanyaki and Cafe Ophelia chains around the south/east bay Chinese malls have the closest renditions.

As for the Mala Hot Pot, Ninji in Newark mentioned below is very good.

Coriya does an ok version of the Mala, Lamb, and Yao Shan hot pots, however the best places to get these in California is down in LA, where there are many places that specialize in the traditional hot pots that are currently hugely popular in Taiwan.

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