Review of China Palace in Milpitas

This place boasts a huge menu of items from all areas of Chinese cuisine. It not only has the wide range of different Chinese cuisine representated similar to “Q’s in Newark”, but it also has depth of many more items for each area.Unfortunately that’s where the good news ends. Over multiple visits, I’ve tried a variety of things and have yet to find one outstanding.Bian Dang (Taiwanese style bento box) with fried pork chop and fried chicken steak: The pork is usually overcooked and not tender enough, while at the same time the panko breading becomes too dark due to the re-frying. The fried chicken is a boneless piece of meat, usually from thigh. It is slightly better but neither of the items are as good as those found at Won Stew House. B+

Gan Chao Niu He (dry-fried beef chow fun): A Cantonese specialty of chow fun noodles with beef. The version here was not really dry enough, which is ok if the flavors were good. But the flavor was also lacking due to the insufficient separation of the chow fun so that most of them were stuck together which prevented the sauces from penetrating them. D

Taiwan style regular Chow Mein noodles: This is a simple, standard dish which can be great if made right. Unfortunately the version here is not. The noodles were very average and the flavors so so. Nothing special here. C

Shrimp & Ham Fried Rice: this dish is too oily and overly salty. Due to the oil and possibly water, the rice becomes wet and soft – the biggest no-no for any fried rice dish. D

Beef and Green Pepper Fried Rice: this dish is too oily and overly salty, just like the other fried rice. Not sure why I tried two different fried rice, probably I was out of other things to try. C

Pepper Beef with Rice in banana leaf steamer: This looked like a winner since it seemed like a popular choice every time I visited. It comes in a bamboo steamer with banana leaf as the bedding. However, what I found is inside it is nothing more than just regular stir-fried beef with green peppers poured over regular rice. I’m not sure if the rice is actually steamed in the leaf inside the steamer – as one would guess due to the presentation, but it certainly didn’t taste anything special.

Perhaps I would have better luck in some of the entree dishes which goes with rice such as the Chunking Spicy Pepper Chicken (Sichuan) or some of the stewed pot dishes. Has anyone else tried this place?

It is located near ABC Seafood in Ulferts Center on Barber Lane, south of Milpitas Square.

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  1. sd says:

    Agree with your opinion of the pepper beef rice. Mine tasted like black pepper beef over rice and the leaf imparted no flavor to the rice. Kung pao chicken was not quite like what I had in Southern California where black vinegar was used; still, it was different enough from the usual fare elsewhere. I had the chong king style fish – that was quite good and addictive enough that I’m going back tonight for some more. Waitress was nice enough to let me know that the chong king style fish was similar to biefintang(sp?) fish.

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