Maru Ichi Revisited

Maru Ichi has redeemed itself with the Kuro ramen. My original visit after the restaurant opened was not very satisfying. However, my recent visit to it has found a great improvement.

The new ramen on the menu, Kuro ramen uses a chicken and pork based soup stock. This broth is richer and much more flavorful than the original tonkotsu ramen broth, though still not as deep as those found at Halu or Santa.

However, a major improvement was the use of new homemade noodles. They’ve decided to throw out the old, frozen ramen noodles and created a new type of noodle which bares more of a resemblence to Chinese noodles – very close to those served at Do-Henkotsu.

Maru Ichi Kuro Ramen

With the improved soup and noodles, the slice of pork which came in the bowl also improved. It is now tender, just like the Ryowa version.

So overall the entire ramen experience has improved (they’ve also remodeled so that there is now a U-shaped bar dining area, simlar to Ryowa). It has now moved up on my “Personal Ramen Ranking” toward the upper tier of ramen shops in the bay area.

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  1. April 24, 2008

    […] The noodles are cooked well and can soak up the flavor of the rich broth very well. I rank the noodle similar to those served at Maru Ichi. […]

  2. August 15, 2008

    […] player which has done well is the Maru Ichi chain of two ramen houses in Mountain View and Milpitas. Owned by the folks behind Suhi Tomi and […]

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