Sogo Tofu

Yes, I guess it has come full circle. It is the same place alright, but I think either they’ve remodeled or there’s an ownership change. When I went to Jia Ten Ha, there was no blue sign like the one in the picture (New Yong Kang snacks and noodle shop, named after the Chinese market that used to occupy the space)

Anyways, I need to go try their Niu Rou Mian soon, the picture looks pretty good. Is the noodle the same width and thickness? If so, then it should be just regular flat dry noodles (sold as Shandong style la-mian in Chinese groceries)

From the blue sign, they also mention Shui Jiao (dumplings), XLB, and sessame bread… not sure how these will measure up.

As for Sogo Tofu, yes it is a very good place. I have a habit of not taking notes so don’t have enough details to do a full post. But I’ve tried some of their steam table dishes, and the best item was the spicy noodle topping mixture (vegetarian). The vegetarian duck and chicken were also good. The chef here is the original chef who used to make these and sell them as part of the New Yong Kang supermarket’s Deli.

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