Spam Ramen @ Bear’s Ramen House (Berkeley)

It seems like you’ve hit upon a Korean noodle or snack shop. Gook Soo is Korean for noodles, as in Kar-Gook-Soo, or knife-cut noodles.

In this type of restaurants, Ramen usually means the Korean instant package variety of ramen, and NOT Japanese Ramen. As a kid I remember having these in snack shops (that usually also sell Duk-Bukk-Gi – spicy rice cakes, another favorite food of mine) where they cook the instant ramen noodles (usually Samyang brand – the original). What made them extra good (for a kid) was the fresh beaten egg they’d put in toward the end (think egg drop soup) However, it is not to be (and not meant to be) compared with Japanese ramen.

So it seems that this is a mis-commmunication of sorts. The only other place I know that still sells this “ramen” is a place in Sunnyvale that specializes in Pork intestine sausage, another great Korean snack food.

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