King Crab in Milpitas – Bigger and Better

After a few months of re-modeling, King Crab finally re-opened at its former location, but much bigger and better. Seems like they have expanded on both sides with more private rooms and more tables. All tables and chairs were also replaced with fancier wood versions probably shipped from China.

But more importantly, a new addition was on the menu – Dim Sum! Yes, it seems they have hired some dim sum chefs and now will be competing head-to-head against the south bay standards Mayflower and ABC just a couple of mile away.

This was and is one of my favorite lunch places. Their lunch specials are very good and have large portions. Their Chinese hand-written specials were also very good. Among them a favorite was Da Qian Hai Xian Bao (Big Thousand Seafood Stew). It’s a seafood dish flavored with black bean sauce and spicy peppers and fried tofu. The seafood consisted of generous portions of fish fillet, shrimp, calamari, and scallops. It used to be a steal at $8.99 but with the updated decor the price has gone up to $11.99. It is still worth tasting if you haven’t tried it.

We also tried another old standby – Suan Xian (Garlic Fragrant) Chicken. This was baked or fried half chicken then cut into pieces and topped with roasted garlic bits. Can’t really tell if it’s fried or not since it has almost no oil and yet the chicken tastes juicy. The latest rendition seems to have a few less pieces than previously. So overall the flavor has not changed, which is a good thing.

Seeing that they now offer dim sum, we had to give them a try. The items are mostly served by servers carrying them on a tray but a few carts were also around.

Har Gao was pretty good. a couple of medium size shrimps in a medium thickness wrapper. The wrapper was tender but not weak and held up well.

Shu Mai was also good with mostly pork and a piece of shrimp and topped with shrimp eggs. The pork was tender enough and not tough.

Har Chung (shrimp wrapped in rice noodle) had large shrimps inside but the texture was a little soft rather than snappy-fresh. The rice noodle seemed homemade with uneven thickness.

Fried tofu skin with shrimp had one large shrimp inside and was fried pretty nicely with not too much oiliness.

Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce was about average but the flavor was a little more apparent than other places’ blander offerings.

Chicken Feet was very good in terms of both spice infused flavor as well as the perfect tenderness where it meat is almost off the bone but not quite mushy.

Egg Custard uses the pastry crust and was light and not too sweet. Not sure how it compares with Han’s favorite or those at Golder Gate Bakery.

So overall this place has moved up the scales and is becoming a force to be reckoned with on the south bay Cantonese and Dim Sum restaurant scene. If they can keep their Dim Sum consistency up, unlike Mayflower, ABC, and even Joy Luck Place, then this will be my regular place.

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