Santa Clara Asian Grocery, Bakery, Deli Roundup

If you’re in the Santa Clara area, there’re four Chinese groceries:
– 99 Ranch on Wolfe & Homestead, with Sheng Kee Chinese bakery near by.
– New Yong Yuan market on Lawrence between 101 and 237
and further south, you have:
– Marina Market near De Anza and Stevens Creek, with another Sheng Kee bakery
– Lions Market on Saratoga and Kiely, with Sogo Taiwanese bakery inside

Freshly prepared food wise, probably Marina is the best, then Lions.

For Korean groceries in the area, there’s three:
– Han Kook (it sounds like Chinese because the characters ARE from Chinese: Han Guo) on El Camino west of Lawrence. One of the biggest with its own “dept” stores selling clothes, cosmetics, shoes, K-Pop, and an eat-in place selling a few Korean small eats. The Deli area is pretty good and has the best selection. A Korean bakery is also inside.

– Galleria. This is a chain from the LA area. This is just east of Lawrence on El Camino. Not as big as Han Kook but also has many small shops inside. It also has a very good eat-in place selling lots of Korean dishes at a cheap price. The deli selection is more limited. This place also has a Korean bakery, and they also have the Japanese style grilled snack with red beans in a fish shape (forgot the name) freshly made.

– Kyopo (again, from Chinese Chao2 Xian3) Market. This is further down east/south on El Camino. Smallest of all three but usually cheaper groceries. deli is more limited and no eat-in section or other fancy stores.

The above 3 Korean groceries are all within a couple of miles of each other. Hence this stretch of Santa Clara/Sunnyvale can easily be called the Koreantown or even Soontofu Row for the many places where you can get Soontofu.

Now if you go a little further from Lions Market then you’ll also hit Mitsuwa Market, the biggest Japanese grocery in the bay area. In the same center, there’s also a Japanese bakery there.

So one can easily visit Chinese grocery, bakery, Korean grocery, bakery, and Japanese grocery, bakery, all within the same afternoon and within several miles radius.

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    […] home by buying the pre-mixed flour. Bags of the ready-made flour mixtures are also sold at all the Korean groceries (even 99 […]

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