Dumpling and Potsticker

For water dumplings, I like Mountain View’s Cafe Yulong. Their shrimp and fish dumplings are both very good. They also have Chinese style Ra-men or la-mian (pulled noodles) but their Chao Ma Mian (Seafood noodle soup) and Zha Jiang Mian are not as good as some of the others such as Tsing Tao in Campbell or China Way in Santa Clara.

For pot stickers, my favorite is Joy’s in Foster City. It’s not Shandong style but rather Taiwanese style pot-sticker.

For Shandong style Mahn Toh (steamed buns), I’ve seen them at Shan Dong restaurant in Oakland Chinatown. Also noticed this past weekend that Cupertino Marina market had a few fresh ones at their deli counter – the huge ones with red dates.

But I did not try either of them since Manh Toh is one of my least favorite Shandong specialties.

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