Dim Sum at Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor (香港西貢漁港) in Sunnyvale

HK Saigon Seafood has been open for about a year or two in Sunnyvale. Previous occupants, which included another dim sum place, did not fare too well at this location. But HK Saigon seems to have reversed the trend and is doing quite well. On a weekday lunch, the place was packed with lines out the door. The wait however was manageable as the place is very big so the turnover was quick.

HK Saigon Entrance

The dim sums are push-cart and hand-tray based. For a large dim sum place, the efficiency of the dim sum servers here are very good. There is never a long wait for food to come by unlike other places like Mayflowers or ABC Seafood in Milpitas.

First up was the chicken feet . This had just the right amount of flavor and slight spiciness. The meat was plump and tender and can be easily chewed off the bone.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Chicken Feet

The shu mai (pork/shrimp dumpling) was very big. The pork filling was tender and not verly chewy. There was a big piece of shrimp in the filling as well.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Shumai

The har gao (shrimp dumpling) came with 4 in an order and was also huge. There were at least 1.5 to 2 pieces of shrimp in each one. The flavor was good without tasting too rich with lard.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Shrimp Dumpling

The pai gu (pork ribs) was also very good. None of the pieces were too touch or had too much tenden or fat. The flavor was good but light.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Pork Ribs

The tofu skin roll was average, with meat and veggie fillings.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Tofu Skin Roll

The scallop dumpling was average as well. It was about half scallop and half shrimp. The skinis same as the shrimp dumpling’s. It was tender and not overly elastic and can fall apart easily if not careful.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Scallop Dumpling

The rice noodle roll with beef was ok. I didn’t like the beef filling as much as the shrimp version. We ordered this instead of shrimp since we already had so many other items with shrimp.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Rice Noodle Roll with Beef

The fried taro thing was average. The taro skin did not taste enough of taro. The deep frying technique was fine and the inside fillings good but not memorable.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Fried Taro Dumpling

The fried daikon cake was pan fried expertly with golden brown color on both sides in all three pieces. I hate when the daikon cakes are not fried to golden brown like so many other places. The texture of the cake itself was slightly soft and mushy than I like, but the flavor was very good.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Pan Fried Daikon Cake

One last savory item was the pan fried chives dumpling. Again, the pan-frying was done well and the chives and shrimp filling really had a good, complementary flavor.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Pan Fried Chives Dumpling

To round out the meal, we ordered the egg custard. They are made with pastry crust as the shell as is typical of most places. I find that it can be too oily and chewy if not cooked or eaten at the perfect hot temperature.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Egg Custard

As we were finishing up, low and behold, from the kitchen out comes a hot tray full of HK Saigon’s famous dessert: mini taro “pineapple” (芋頭菠蘿) bun. It is similar to the traditional “pineapple” bun on the outside. Inside it is filled with a hot taro based paste.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Taro Bun

We were able to command the last plate of these delicious buns before the server even made it past three tables. If you go there, make sure to ask for these. I’m not sure if any other dim sum place makes these.

HK Saigon Dim Sum - Taro Bun Filling

Overall, the dim sum here was very good. The portions are also big and the price is very reasonable and definitely cheaper than the other dim sum places in the south bay – Mayflowers, ABC Seafood, and King Crab in Milpitas, as well as Joy Luck Place and Dynasty in Cupertino. No wonder this place is so popular and busy.

Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant (香港西貢漁港)

1135 N Lawrence Expy
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

(408) 734-2828

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  1. Blake says:

    Nice review, especially the pics – I like HK Saigon, but I’m still partial to Joy Luck and Dynasty over in Cupertino.


  2. tanspace says:

    I like Joy Luck and Dynasty as well, but they are definitely more pricey. Also, HK Saigon is the closest of the 3 that I can get to for lunch.

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