Super Kyo-Po Market Korean Plaza (僑胞市場) in Santa Clara

A new 30,000 sq. ft. Super Kyo-Po Plaza and Korean Market has opened on the corner of Lawrence and Homestead in Santa Clara. It takes over the location of Green Earth Foods, which was originally a Consentino’s market. The one mile stretch of El Camino Real around the Sunnyvale-Santa Clara border of Lawrence Ave has three Korean supermarkets. HanKook (韓國超市) Supermarket is the largest of the three. Galleria Market is the smaller chain from L.A. The smallest market is the original Kyo-Po Market.

Both HanKook and Galleria had other mini-stores within its market plaza such as bakery, deli/food court, and other clothing and cell phone stalls. Galleria also has the “Roasted Sweet Potato guy“. To remedy this shortcoming, Kyo-Po’s owner opened the new Super Kyo-Po Plaza at Lawrence and Homestead. Size wise, the new place is still smaller than HanKook, but seems larger than Galleria.

Inside, the new market has a very packed and bustling feel to it. The aisles are closer together and piled high with Korean and Asian merchandise. They also incorporated the now obligatory Korean food court. There are also the standard prepared Korean small eats such as duk-buk-ki (spicy rice cakes), Korean pancakes, kim-bop (Korean sushi), etc.

The new market also has a nice selection of ready to cook noodle packages based on Korean-Chinese favorites such as ZhaJiangMian and ChaoMaMian and Japanese udons.

Produce section has lots of variety – carrying both the Chinese and Korean style leeks, good for making Shui Jiao (water boiled dumplings).

Apparently they couldn’t fit all the houseware items inside the plaza, so they have a separate store two doors down selling just the houseware items. It’s a good place to pick up the Korean style stone pots for making Dol-sot Bibimbop or Soondubu in as well as the Korean ramen pots.

Santa Clara has been lucky to host two Korean markets previously, and now with a third market/plaza that is even better, it truly deserves to be the Korean-town of the bay area.

Super Kyo-Po Market Plaza (僑胞市場)

3521 Homestead Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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