Not Peking Duck at Food Talk Cafe (食神) in Fremont

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2 Responses

  1. KK says:

    Well said my friend. Thanks for the lowdown on their pseudo Beijing duck

  2. Sampson Shen says:

    Hi Tanspace,
    I posted with the ‘ckshen’ handle on CH, mostly on the San Francisco and SE Asia board. In response to the concerns to the recently redesigned CH site and the subsequent censor tactics, I created a new not-for-profit food forum site as a CH alternative a week ago with an open-source forum platform.
    Many users from CH have joined in the last couple of days. The boards are starting to develop good discussions. Please feel free to check it out. If you feel that the site has promise, please feel free to use it yourself and encourage others to use as well.


    Coverage of CH redesign and site profile at East Bay Express.
    P.S. I found your email via your CH user profile

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