Taiwan-Style Cakes at Golden Bakery (高點烘焙), Milpitas

For those who come from Taiwan, they’re used to the Taiwanese style cakes that are western in style but adjusted to the Taiwanese taste. This usually means cakes that are much less sweeter and containing less butter and less heavy creams.

Golden Bakery - Milpitas

In SF bay area, Taiwanese bakeries such as Sheng Kee and Sogo Bakery chains have provided this style of cakes. However, there’s another source for Taiwanese cakes that is only known mainly in the Taiwanese circles until now. Mr. Kao is the man behind the cakes at the newish Golden Bakery that opened last year in Milpitas. He used to provide private ordering of cakes for local Silicon Valley Taiwanese companies for their company functions. Now his cakes are available Golden Bakery.

Golden Bakery - Taiwanese Taro Cake

Golden Bakery is an Asian bakery but also sells Vietnamese sandwich, Banh Mi on the side. But the main attraction is the Taiwanese style cakes. There are usually a limited number of cakes available at the bakery because Mr. Kao makes them fresh every morning for the bakery. Unlike the other traditional bakeries, Mr. Kao’s cakes rarely sit more than 1 day at the shop and is the freshest available.

Golden Bakery - Taiwanese Taro Cake 2

Two of the most popular types are the Taro cake (芋泥蛋糕) and the Tiramisu cake (提拉米蘇). The taro cake uses 100% pure taro mashed and then layered between two moist pieces of soft, spongy cake. The flavor of the taro is wonderful and will remind you of the taro from Taiwan. The cream used is also fragrant and sweet but not heavy or sugary at all. (Grade: A)

Golden Bakery - Tiramisu Cake

The tiramisu is not as traditional as the real Italian tiramisu but is wonderfully tailored for Taiwanese taste. A standard cake base similar to taro cake is used instead of lady fingers. And I don’t think any rum is in the recipe. I’m not even sure if real mascarpone is used, but the whole combination comes together and is not overly sweet or creamy.
(Grade: A-)

Golden Bakery - Taiwanese Tiramisu Cake 2

As the selection of the cake at the bakery may be limited, due to the quality control, it is usually a good idea to call and check for the selection first. If they don’t have the cake you want, you’re welcomed to order it and the turnaround time is usually one day. The price starts at around $26 for an 8 inch cake, and there are larger sizes available.

Golden Bakery (高點烘焙)

30 S Park Victoria Dr
Milpitas, CA 95035

(408) 945-8016

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7 Responses

  1. foodhoe says:

    I’ve never heard of a taro cake, it sounds very intriguing. is it very filling?

  2. tanspace says:

    No, actually it’s not very filling, it has a pasty texture and slightly sweet with the fragrant taro flavor. You should definitely try it if you have a chance.

  3. Lydia says:

    原來高先生已經到milpitas開分店了. 之前一直想買來吃, 無奈店太遠, 就算外賣, 也要訂half sheet以上的size才外送. 現在要吃就方便多了, 要不是你的文章, 我還不知他在milpitas開店了. thanks!

  4. 小猴 says:

    咦, 這不是HAYWARD那佪高先生嗎? 他的TIRAMISU 很贊喔那就不用去芳苑訂啦 milpitas就有了, 呵呵

  5. tanspace says:

    Yes, that’s the same Mr. Kao… I used to pick up from Fremont 芳苑 before as well. Now he is even more accessible to the south bay Taiwanese community.

  6. jhen says:

    i used to live in taiwan, i am missing this taro cake so much… hope i can some here in finland… its really really good.

  7. Christy says:

    It’s really interesting how food from different countries could end up all over the world, making it accessible to craving locals and tourists alike without a flight ticket! 🙂

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