Taiwan-Style Cakes at Golden Bakery (高點烘焙), Milpitas

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7 Responses

  1. foodhoe says:

    I’ve never heard of a taro cake, it sounds very intriguing. is it very filling?

  2. tanspace says:

    No, actually it’s not very filling, it has a pasty texture and slightly sweet with the fragrant taro flavor. You should definitely try it if you have a chance.

  3. Lydia says:

    原來高先生已經到milpitas開分店了. 之前一直想買來吃, 無奈店太遠, 就算外賣, 也要訂half sheet以上的size才外送. 現在要吃就方便多了, 要不是你的文章, 我還不知他在milpitas開店了. thanks!

  4. 小猴 says:

    咦, 這不是HAYWARD那佪高先生嗎? 他的TIRAMISU 很贊喔那就不用去芳苑訂啦 milpitas就有了, 呵呵

  5. tanspace says:

    Yes, that’s the same Mr. Kao… I used to pick up from Fremont 芳苑 before as well. Now he is even more accessible to the south bay Taiwanese community.

  6. jhen says:

    i used to live in taiwan, i am missing this taro cake so much… hope i can some here in finland… its really really good.

  7. Christy says:

    It’s really interesting how food from different countries could end up all over the world, making it accessible to craving locals and tourists alike without a flight ticket! 🙂

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