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Dan-Dan Mian Sauce 0

Dan-Dan Mian Sauce

I recently found at Ranch 99 that they sell a Dan-Dan Mien Sauce in a glass jar. There’s “regular hot” and “very hot” versions. I tried the “very hot” variety and it was pretty...

Shandong Mian (Noodles) 0

Shandong Mian (Noodles)

Ok, this is pretty simple. You have the Zha Jiang Mien/ Gan Zha Jiang, which I discussed in the other msg.Then the other most popular noodle dish is what’s called “Jjam-bong” in Korean and...

Korean-Chinese Primer I 1

Korean-Chinese Primer I

I haven’t seen the NY boards, but when I said Korean-Chinese, I mean it as Chinese people who have previously lived in Korea, and now in America. And Korean-Chinese restaurant means the style of...